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Wordwide meetings over the telephone. Save time, save money!

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Real-time sharing of presentations, applications, computer screens or web-based content across the Internet!

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Time is money and nothing is faster than real time communications iJunxion video conferencing gives you a wide choice of tools, from group chat, video calls and videoconferencing!

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Broadcasting over the internet or intranet, live or recorded, using streaming media technology!

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iJunxion Conferencing.

  • 2008

    In 2001 Team iJunxion launched India's first audio conference service by a licensed telecom provider (Hughes Tele.com). Team iJunxion is one of the most experienced teams in India in collaboration services and telecommunications. Our technology platform is developed by one of the leaders in carrier grade collaboration systems. Telecom connectivity on our platform is provided by some of India's leading and most experienced service providers ensuring best-in-class voice quality and reach around the world. Our service also offers some of the most advanced features such as automated email notifications with integrated calendar invite, automated call-back, web-based management access, and customized billing. We also provide 24x7, professional customer support.

    iJunxion is a private limited company founded by Dhananjay Saheba, M.D. and others.
    Dhananjay, a graduate of IIT Bombay and Columbia University, New York, started his career in telecom with Bell Labs in 1984. In 2000 he joined Hughes Tele.com as the CTO. Following the acquisition of Hughes Tele.com by the Tatas he moved to Tata Communications as VP (New Product Introduction). iJunxion's services were launched in 2008.

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iJunxion Conferencing.


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