iJunxion Audio Conferencing

In 2001 Team iJunxion launched India's first audio conference service by a licensed telecom provider (Hughes Tele.com). Team iJunxion is one of the most experienced teams in India in collaboration services and telecommunications. Our technology platform is developed by one of the leaders in carrier grade collaboration systems. Telecom connectivity on our platform is provided by some of India's leading and most experienced service providers ensuring best-in-class voice quality and reach around the world. Our service offers some of the most advanced features such as automated email notifications with integrated calendar invite, automated call-back, web-based management access, and customized billing. We provide 24x7, professional customer support.

With iJunxion Audio conferencing, you can meet with anyone, anytime, anywhere over the telephone.

In conference DTMF commands
Press: Function
*0 Operator Assistance
*4 Participant count
*5 (M) Lecture mode on / off
*6 Self-mute
*7 (M) Lock/un-lock conference
*8 Roll Call
Conference Scheduling Options

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